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Radiant Rainbows

Radiant Rainbows

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A perfect gift for anyone going through a hard time, Radiant Rainbows includes the paintings inspired by Ryan’s passing, meant to be the hand that lifts you up and nudges you to keep going. Each page of this gorgeous, eye-catching book will contain a healing wish, prayer, mantra, or affirmation to help you pick yourself up and put one foot in front of the other. Some included topics are love, intuition, courage, expansion, resilience, and acceptance. By gifting this book to yourself or to someone you know who needs love and support, you’ll also be adding some hope and beauty to the world and helping people feel a little less alone.

Jessica Swift is an artist and fabric + surface pattern designer who creates colorful, magically uplifting artwork intended to inspire others to live courageous, honest, hope-filled lives. She creates and manufactures her own products that she sells in her Portland, Oregon, studio and in shops around the country. She also licenses her artwork to others for branded products such as fabric, stationery, puzzles, books, and more.

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